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Our priority mission is to make you, the client, look good in all your writings and presentations.

Don’t look any further for the writer/editor who can absolutely provide what you need, every time, all the time. You’ve found the best! And we’ll be happy to assist you with whatever your writing needs are.





Your Choice

bulletwe represent your thoughts, feelings, ideas & concerns more effectively than anyone else can or will do.

we do this by getting to know you, your objectives, concerns and feelings so well that we write "from your eyes inside out". We see the world through your eyes and with your point of view.



Your Choice

bulletThe benefit to you is that we are more effective in getting you results that you want.

We do it better for you than you could do it for yourself:

More passionately

bulletMore persuasively
bulletMore effectively
bulletWith more clarity


The result?  The audience or the reader is immediately clear and certain about your message.


So, when you have an important document to be written and

bulletThe words just won’t come, or

You are paralyzed with anxiety about ensuring that the right thing is said in the right way, every time


We understand. And we can help!


Here’s what JJ Writesmith will do:

Ensure the smooth flow of your thoughts & ideas

bulletEnsure the right choice of words for your setting
bulletCorrect grammar, spelling & punctuation as required
bulletEnsure effective sentence & paragraph structure

We’ll take care of your writing & editing needs while you do the things that you enjoy and do well.




Business or personal, we’re ready to help!




Your Choice

The most important thing you need to know is that we are very experienced. Specifically in:


Problem solving in relationship matters


Family relationships


Business relationships


Very personal relationships


Business plans, procedures and processes that can be easily understood by those who are required to read, understand and be guided by them, regardless of education or experience.


Writing prose or poetic expressions suitable for all special occasions. Some examples:

Eulogies for funerals / memorial services

bulletWedding speeches / presentations
bulletBreakups / Dear John situations
bulletDeveloping romances
bulletSpecial holiday greetings


bullet We will also handle any other difficult document that must be written with great care.


You're Invited!!

Talk to us about you & your project!

Potential to gain much.

No downside.



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